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Her name is not very well known, and yet one could write a book about it or make a film of it because her life is like a fairytale. Singer, songwriter, creator for Cirque du Soleil, Anna Liani is Canadian but her roots originate from northern Italy. As an infant, her family moved from her native Quebec to Udine, before she had even learned how to walk.

Her destiny was to grow up in the Belpaese and finally to return to the Belle Province. A whole world finally opened up to her: music, singing, acting and everything related to performing arts. Generous, smiling, self-confident, her romantic inspiration seems to be in contradiction with an artistic world that hides traps and disappointments at every street corner. But that didn’t stop her path to success with concerts, CDs, theatrical performances and cinema. The Cirque du Soleil couldn’t miss that intense and eclectic talent, with her mystical, smooth and sexy roque voice.

She has participated in many events, shows and festivals around the world such as London, Las Vegas, New York, Montreal, Miami, San Francisco and many more.



Sonya had a passion for the circus arts from an early age. She was an acrobat for Cirque du Soleil in 1992 and between 1995 and 1996. She obtained a diploma in cultural and corporate events from the School of Show Business in Montreal. She became Tour Director, Artistic Director and then General Manager for a Cirque Éloize show. She will then be Artistic Director of the Cavalia show.

Her career then took her to the four corners of the planet where she had the chance to collaborate with several major events, festivals and shows around the world, including Montreal, Azerbaijan, Istanbul, Milan, Astana, Andorra and Mexico. She continues to collaborate with Cirque du Soleil for the staging and Acrobatic Design of certain shows.



Host of CBC radio show “Let’s Go”, Sabrina knew she wanted to work in Journalism ever since she was 9 years old. She took part in public speaking competitions at her elementary school, and that’s where she discovered her passion for storytelling. Sabrina graduated, with distinction, from Concordia University with a joint specialization in Communications and Journalism. Her top grades earned her a CIBPA bursary, and she was also the only Canadian selected to take part in an international internship exchange program. Sabrina completed a two-month Communications & Journalism internship in Italy in 2004.

Her professional career began in print, before she entered broadcast journalism – working in radio and television. Sabrina currently works at CBC Montreal, where she has done it all from writer, broadcaster, news reporter, web journalist, traffic reporter, news reader, weather presenter, studio director, producer and radio host. When she is not working, Sabrina cannot get away from her Italian roots. She is a contributor for Panoram Italia Magazine. She loves to travel to Italy to visit her relatives…and she has a passion for pizza, high-heeled shoes, and dancing.


Trilingual conference (mix of French, English and Italian)