Montreal, Monday, June 23, 2021


The festival is changing its identity to better reflect its image. As one of the largest multicultural festivals in the city of Montreal and spread over several days, it was necessary to design a logo that better represents its current positioning.

Previously, the Italian Week lasted for a week of celebrations and was a small neighborhood event. Now it is an annual major event welcoming more than 400,000 visitors and showcasing over 250 local and international artists.

The name italfestMTL derives from the essence of the Italian community with a festive touch. Being the cradle of the festival, the city of Montreal is the primary destination of the event, and MTL is its representation including the colors of the Italian flag. This name has been gradually introduced in recent years with its hashtag #italfestmtl used by the event and its festival goers. It was, therefore, a natural transition to modernize its image and make it universal for all languages. With its tourist popularity increasing annually and with the diversity of its local festival-goers, italfestMTL is adopting a name that fuses well with French, English and Italian.

The festival will continue its traditional mission of promoting and sharing the legacy of Italian Canadians while focusing on lasting impact, culture and entertainment.


This year, after the success of the previous online edition, the festival confirms its virtual appointment but also is featuring outdoor events. Safety and health measures are being taken for the well-being of our festival goers, our artists, our employees, volunteers and all the participants of the festival.

From August 6th to 22nd, italfestMTL will offer you for this 28th edition Live concerts, shows and activities for all ages.

“ After last year’s innovative shift to virtual, we intend to have an open mind by confirming online programming broadcast on our website and social networks. Nevertheless, we will offer events on the ground so that our festival-goers can share the joy of being together, even if in a reduced way. In all, it will be three weeks full of stimulating activities for the entertainment of young and old. ”

Me. Antonio Sciascia, President of italfestMTL

” ItalfestMTL is pleased to once again bring together all those who love the Italian culture to celebrate the diversity of the Italian-Canadian community. We offer a new, fun and diverse web-based programming that will bring joy to every home. For this 28th edition, on a positive note, the festival has prepared an overflowing program of events and activities that will bring together people at a distance and in person, in compliance with health measures, in order to maintain a lively, welcoming and participatory community spirit. ”

Josie Verrillo, Executive Director of italfestMTL

ItalfestMTL is waiting for you with a new program that includes on-ground activities to virtual events therefore enhancing our Montreal summer.

Follow us on our social media and website for all the programming.

The full program will be unveiled in early summer. For more information, contact:

About italfestMTL
ItalfestMTL, formerly Montreal’s Italian Week, is a cultural event that takes place across the city and celebrates the richness of Italian culture. The celebrations surrounding the festival offer over 400,000 festival-goers a wide variety of shows and activities showcasing Italian-Canadian music, art, food, fashion and talent. This year, for the 28th edition, the festival will take a VIRTUAL TURN AS WELL AS SOME on-ground EVENTS offering a diverse programming from August 6 to 22, 2021.

info: Piell Angel Blanco | 514-279-6357