Canadian Italian Advocacy Committee

Posted on 2012-05-04

The Canadian Italian Advocacy Committe (CIAC) is a human rights commitee under the auspices of the National Congress of Italian-Canadians (Quebec Region), commited to defending the rights of Italian-Canadians, promoting their cultural heritage and fostering greater understanding of our community.

The CIAC shall fight defamation, racism and negative stereotyping of Italian-Canadians in the media ans wherever else it may exist. CIAC shall act as a channel to which Italian-Canadians concert their efforts towars cohesive and effective intervention by promoting a realistic and balanced image of our community while serving as a reliable source for the news media, educators and the public at large.

CIAC is made up of individuals and organizations commited to deterring discrimination and empowered to respond quickly to specific incidents offensive to our community. CIAC shall work together with other human rights organizations on issues of common concern.

Me Antonio Sciascia

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